Re: Hey Eddie/ rear Window Louver For A Humpster Javelin?
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Re: Hey Eddie/ rear Window Louver For A Humpster Javelin?

--- In BaadAssGremlins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Eddie Stakes" <eddiestakes@xxxx> wrote:
> Rear window louvers were never a option for the 68-70 and 71-74 AMXs and
> Javelins as far as I know and have researched a ton of books here, dealer
> catalogs, accessories books, you name it, have never seen anything. They
> were sold aftermarket, but I don't believe thru AMC dealerships.
> Eddie Stakes
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> Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 5:07 AM
> Subject: [BaadAssGremlins] Re: Hey Eddie/ rear Window Louver For A Humpster
> Javelin?
> --- In BaadAssGremlins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Eddie Stakes" <eddiestakes@xxxx>
> wrote:
> > Yes a 77-78 AMX rear louvers will fit a 71-74 AMX/Jav but you wil have to
> > cut off the bottom two louvers. That is because the rear glass on the
> 71-74
> > is shorter than the 68-70 AMX/Jav glass. A 77-78 AMX rear louvers fits
> great
> > on those, here is a photo fo ym old 68 AMX "The Red Death" sporting a set
> > onf them. I sold her a few years ago for $3000.
> > The 74 Hornet is a 304V8 hatchback, bought for $150, had earl scheib paint
> > it when he was drunk for $250, and I applied the painted on stripe kit,
> sold
> > that car to a lady for $1000, sure was a fun sled, it is still around too,
> > she still drives it daily. Of, those 77-78 AMX louvers are tough to find,
> > and good metal as opposed to some of the flimsy crap some used to sell
> like
> > J. C. Whitney. Those originals ones usually command about $150/cheap to
> > $400/high a set. The flimsy tin type are supposed to clip under the
> chrome,
> > but the problem with that is they vibrate. The original 77-78 ones do not
> as
> > they are thick metal. Good luck, as I personally like louvers on back of
> my
> > AMC's as it helps keep the heat out and also keeps the impossible hard to
> > find soft, and hard, interior plastics from getting destroyed by the sun,
> > also helps the carpet, especially cut pile carpet, from turning to dust.
> Oh,
> > the 77 white AMX in the background had a 401V8 in it, we drove the hell
> out
> > of it, nice car, sold it 4 years ago for $1000. The fellow who bought it
> > only wanted the 401/727 out of it as a 'dono' for one of his 73 AMXs.
> > Welll.......
> > after driving it daily for a week or so 80 miles round trip to NASA where
> he
> > worked, he decided to leave it alone and restore it some more! Go Hornet!
> > Eddie Stakes
> >
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> > From: "amc74hornet" <AMC74HORNET@xxxx>
> > To: <BaadAssGremlins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 4:55 PM
> > Subject: [BaadAssGremlins] Hey Eddie/ rear Window Louver For A Humpster
> > Javelin?
> >
> >
> > My son just went to put the 77 Hornet AMX rear window louver in th garage
> > for me that came a few days ago and asked me to see if I could find one
> for
> > his Javelin. Personally I never saw one on a Humpster Javelin, but he said
> > it was a factory option? I need some input from you as I am a Hornet man
> > myself, I havent got a clue about Javelin's. Did the factory make one for
> > the Humpsters? and what is the running price of a good one. Or would an
> > earlier one fit?
> > "Doc"
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> So your telling me that there was no factory louvers for Humpster Javelins?
> I have seen the thin metal ones on 2 seater AMX's many years ago and thought
> the were factory. I just paid 150$ for a decent 77 AMX louver.
> "Doc"
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The rear louver would have made a nice option on AMX's and Javelins. The one thing that I thought was missing on the Hornet & Concord AMX's was a rear spoiler like the Donahue's and Javelin AMX's. In 1978 I bought a Javelin AMX spoiler from JC Whitney and extensively modfyed it to fit my yellow Hornet. I had to shorten it a few inches on each side and reform the ends back a foot or so back twards the center to fit the hatchbacks trunk curvature. What a pain of a job it was.

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