Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement
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Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement


My 67 American has about 44,000 miles on it and it handles very nice 
with the stock font suspension. There is no mistaking it for a newer car 
but it handles pretty well (I'm sure it would be better with a sway bar 
and wider tires) and rides very nicely. The only other car from that era 
I can compare it with is a 68 Valiant and the American beats it in the 
ride and handling departments. Also, there's nothing magical about the 
Mustang II front suspension geometry other than it's about a million 
times better than a solid axle (which is mostly what street rodders are 
replacing). If you really want excellent handling, look into Corvette C5 
or C6 components (front and rear). It will be a lot more custom fab work 
but these components are significantly better than most other cars on 
the road.


Jay wrote:
> What is the feasibility of replacing the front complete on my 66 American 
> with a more modern front end with disc brakes? The street-rodders use 
> Mustang 2 front ends most of the time as they are easy to find and 
> reasonable. What would you recommend that I use if it is to be done?  Is it 
> economically  feasible?
> Or should I just replace the original  pinions with later types with grease 
> fittings?
> Jay in FL. 
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