Re: [Amc-list] Carb Spacer...yes or no? (Performance Upgrade ?)
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Re: [Amc-list] Carb Spacer...yes or no? (Performance Upgrade ?)

My favorite back in my V-8 fourbarrel days was the Mr Gasket multi layer gasket and aluminum shim plate with a larger aluminum heat shield. It was a four hole and worked well even on an open plenum intake. What it was 4-5 aluminum plates alternating with gaskets.
  The only thing you had to be careful of was torque as the multiple gaskets allowed you to really screw up a base plate if you tried to overtorque things.
   I never had a boil/vaporlock problem after installing one of these.

Mark Price
Morgantown, WV
1969 AMC Rambler, 4.0L, EFI, T-5

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From: Todd Tomason <jayscore@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> When we removed the factory two barrel on my son's 78 Matador, there was a 
> 1/4" spacer under the carb.  My thinking is that the engineer would not have 
> spent the money for the part unless there was a good reason for it.  I 
> generally use a 1/2" wood spacer on a four barrel.  It definitely helped with 
> hot starting on my son's 360.
> Todd
> On Friday 11 May 2007 14:18, Tom Jennings wrote:
> > I think the spacer, while it at least helps heat-insulate the
> > carb (a minor but dubious improvement, you have to ask why it's
> > too hot in the first place) will do zero harm (that I've ever
> > heard of, other than possible linkage and hood-clearance issues).
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