Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement
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Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement

IMHO, I do not understand why noone has built an arm that would allow use of 70 up parts.
Maybe the geometry is all wrong? But if it is not, why has someone in the know not built a true tube arm that would take a 70 upper balljoint? problem solved.
  I not it's not that simple, but in light of the number of arms built for big three cars, why hasn't one of those guys noticed this market?
  Maybe it's the same as the roller cam people on the stroker list are working on getting made for the six.
Someone who really wants on, or a group of said people which is better, gets together and push the need.

Mark Price
Morgantown, WV
1969 AMC Rambler, 4.0L, EFI, T-5

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From: Tom Jennings <tomj@xxxxxxx>
> On Fri, 11 May 2007, Sandwich Maker wrote:
> > i've toyed with the idea of using '70 jav/amx inner fender panels to
> > update a '64-9 american to balljoint suspension.
> It seems like a custom upper A-arm would be a lot easier. It's
> pretty close as it is... it's not much of a stretch! It would
> mean it could be undone for actual restoration if you care.
> If the knuckle and spring seat line up, I don't see why slitting
> a Hornet/Concord arm and narrowing (I think) would be that
> hard. The inner bushings look like they'd fit as-is in the
> American slot.
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