Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement
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Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Wrambler242@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> IMHO, I do not understand why noone has built an arm that would allow use of 70 up parts.
> Maybe the geometry is all wrong?

...then switching in the fender/frame subassembly would have
those problems too.

>  I not it's not that simple, but in light of the number of arms built for big three cars, why hasn't one of those guys noticed this market?
>  Maybe it's the same as the roller cam people on the stroker list are working on getting made for the six.
> Someone who really wants on, or a group of said people which is better, gets together and push the need.

I think its really because the upper trunnion really isn't a
problem part. I dunno why people are afraid of them. They're
weird, but so what (we drive Ramblers).

Even if you have bad trunion, ruined caps and ruined upper
arms, the expense of finding replacements is always far less
than fabrication.  And it works first time.

Data point: I have not heard of a trunnion problem that was
not related to poor maintenance (usualy previous owners,
eg. used-car-syndrome).

Data point: Balljoints wear out all the time and you get lots
of crap out of today's aftermarket.

Data point: I personally have never seen an upper trunnion wear
out when it was properly maintained which consists merely of
greasing it annually (TSM says 30K!). They last forever.

I just scored a 1964 Ambassador upper with needle bearings that
WAS well-maintained. Fresh grease! It looks like new inside and
if the ones in my 63 Classic ever wear out (old, sleeve bearing,
325K miles) I now have replacements into the *next* century.

Racers already have all those nice coil-over setups and all
that. They just cost too much for street use.

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