[Amc-list] The question?
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[Amc-list] The question?

I've been asking myself that question a lot lately.[see below]
The problem is that no matter how many times I ask myself if the convertible will ever repay the time invested in saving it the answer remains, " NO, not likely".....

I'd really be better off If I ran some adds and started parting it out...

The flip side is that I want to build a 327, but then I keep thinking about stuffing a 4.7 in it.
I've seen some breakdowns on the 4.7 and the engine just plain rocks! It oozes high tech out of every pore! Roller followers on overhead cams, a main gridle to be proud of. I'm amazed it ever made it into things as mundane as Jeeps and Dakota trucks!!!
   I've seen a couple of engine trans combos on the block for $2000 with wiring and controllers too...
   I know that everyone thinks MOPAR thinks hemi, but these 4.7's are an untapped motor that could give a lot of people the nice V-8 rumble and good economy to boot.
   Someone mentioned them being oil burners by 100k, but I just checked mine 2,500 miles out from it's last change and it hasn't used a drop. Mine is at the 85k mark too. Last thing about it is you could even use the 287 badges on anything you put it in!!!

So many dreams, so little time......

Mark Price
Morgantown, WV
1969 AMC Rambler, 4.0L, EFI, T-5

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From: Tom Jennings <tomj@xxxxxxx>
 Depends on your goal -- driving or wrenching -- both
> are valid and fun goals. Just be clear which it is you're doing!
> (I've learned to ask *myself* that question clearly, only
> recently :-)
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