Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement
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Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement

" From: "Jay" <jciampi@xxxxxxxx>
" What is the feasibility of replacing the front complete on my 66 American 
" with a more modern front end with disc brakes? The street-rodders use 
" Mustang 2 front ends most of the time as they are easy to find and 
" reasonable. What would you recommend that I use if it is to be done?  Is it 
" economically feasible?

a lot of work for little gain imho.  if you want disks, look for a
'79-'83 amc in a junkyard and rob the disks, spindles, caliper
brackets, master cylinder, etc etc and put them on your car.  you
might want the wheels too, if you run radials; they're much happier
with wider rims than bias-ply tires.  a 6-cyl spirit amx or concord
wagon would also have 10" rear drums.

" Or should I just replace the original pinions with later types with grease 
" fittings?


i've toyed with the idea of using '70 jav/amx inner fender panels to
update a '64-9 american to balljoint suspension.  the '70 models were
still on the '68-9 chassis which shared suspension with the american,
and as near as i can tell the inner panels should be a straight swap
if you pop the spot welds.  i don't know if these panels are the same
as later javelins, or hornets for that matter.

i'd keep the american's firewall brace and modify it to weld to the
new shock/spring towers.
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