RE: [gremlintime] Concord Clip...again
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RE: [gremlintime] Concord Clip...again

the clip your referring to is a 78 concord..the 79-84 was a 4-light setup. the front clip will not fit a Gremlin due to the differences in the radiator area. I was going to do that once and found it to be a bad idea...the only front clips with fenders that will fit a Gremlin are: 71-78 Gremlin, 74-77 Hornet, 80-81 Spirit, and some Eagles...but why would you want to mess up a Gremlin anyways???

Hope this helps


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Subject: [gremlintime] Concord Clip...again
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 17:25:56 -0800 (PST)

As some of you may recall, I've been contemplating
swapping my Gremlin front clip for that of a Concord.
I may have hit a stumbling block.  I found a Concord
clip with single headlight set (as opposed to duals)
which I believe makes it there abouts an '82+-.

I'm concerned about the valance or apron under the
front bumper.  On the Gremlins, it's welded in place
across the frame.  The valance on the Concord is much
broader and has openings for the front bumper....which
likely would have to be included. would not
be an exact match unless that valance is included.

Has anyone ever removed the valance and replaced it?
Can that be done easily or am I barking up an
unmatchable tree?  Is there another vintage front end
clip that would match?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Dallas, TX
72 Gremlin
72 Custom Cruiser Wagon (newly restored)
71 Mark III
70 Cadillac Conv

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