Re:Replacing Gremlin front clip...
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Re:Replacing Gremlin front clip...

> As some of you may recall, I've been contemplating
> >swapping my Gremlin front clip for that of a Concord.
> >I may have hit a stumbling block.  I found a Concord
> >clip with single headlight set (as opposed to duals)
> >which I believe ....

  The '78 Concord ONLY will fit without major work, Bill. I have a set of 
those fenders , hood and grill myself, as my '78 Gremlin has a bad grill, and 
have contemplated doing that...but then again, it's a '78 Gremlin GT, one of the 
rarest cars, so I'm not keen on putting a wrong front clip on it just so I can 
have a nice grill. Can't find a good '78 Gremlin grill ( cheap ). I keep 
looking, though. :) 

Jerry in Virginia, 8 Gremlins '71 thru '78...

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