RE: [gremlintime] 70 AMC V8....again
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RE: [gremlintime] 70 AMC V8....again

In response to you email. 1) any AMC in any condition is worth what you get for it, if the man is offering 400 for a complete Ambassador then grab it...those things especially the 2 doors are rare! 2) A Floor shift conversion is easy, just cut your floor hook up the cables or linkages and your done! real simple!! 3) I will tell you this much. I have a 77 Hornet which is running a 904 from a 73 Javelin so a 4-speed would fit just fine in a Gremlin...Hope this helps!!

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Subject: [gremlintime] 70 AMC V8....again
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 08:06:10 -0800 (PST)

Couple of questions.....

1) On that fully intact 70 Ambassador Coupe I found, I
talked with the guy and he's thinking it has a 390 in
it.  Between that and the Auto trans, (assuming it all
works) he's thinking of $400 for the pair.  He's going
to check and let me know.  Is that a good price?

I have to tell you, I have qualms about taking any
parts of a fully intact car, but I guess someone else
would if I didn't.....

2) Is it easy to convert the regular column shift
mechanism to that of a floor shift using a later model
floor shift setup from one of the availble
Gremlin/Hornet/Concord setups?  I've got a non
automatic tilt steering column now that I was going to
put in with the floor shift.  I suppose I could get a
column shift tilt if I had to.

3) Would a 401 with 4speed tranny from a '74 Javlin
easily fit my '72 Gremlin?  I know the V8 would, but
would the 4speed?  Anything special about that?  I've
got a three speed but could go with the four.

Dallas, TX
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