'72 project Gremlin in Maryland for sale...rough, but salvageable, maybe
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'72 project Gremlin in Maryland for sale...rough, but salvageable, maybe...not X

I went to look at a red '72 Gremlin today, it's a major project. Has 
rust in rear wheel well lips, driver's door jamb below hinges, inner 
rocker on driver's side felt solid, though. No rust front or back 
that I could feel ( car on ground, no wheels, only a few inches 
clearance to feel ). A few interesting things about it was it had 
the Gremlin guy emblems on the rear quarters, behind the Gremlin 
script emblems. I asked about it, the guy, who bought it directly 
from an AMC dealership years ago, said it came that way straight off 
the lot. Hmm. Didn't ask whether used or new. Looked like they had 
adhesive behind them, couldn't tell if the pegs were on or not. 
Wasn't heavily optioned, bench seat, basic steering wheel, but with 
Gremlin in center of cap. He had 4 wheels and tires, but they were 
Superior universal type mag wheels, garbage, basically. Grille had 
been replaced with a '76 grille. Fenders looked pretty solid. Lifted 
the hatch glass, had heavy pitting along sides where crap collected, 
but saw no rust-thru yet. 
  Overall, a big project, but probably saveable, depending on 
condition of the sub-frames and floorboards, which I couldn't check 
then. I decided to pass on it. I've taken some pics of it, if anyone 
wants to see them. Not sure what he wants , he asked me what I'd 
offer, I told him I doubt he'd get more than $200-300 offers for it. 
Since it's a "family heirloom",  he might think it's worth more than 
it is. Couldn't read  him that well to tell. Anyway, I really don't 
need another project like that. It has the door panel Gremlin 
inserts, two fender emblems on the rear quarter. No nice Gremlin gas 
cap. It'd be worth a few hundred for the parts. It's a 232 / 
automatic, he said it ran when parked, not sure how long it's been 
sitting, license plate showed '85. 
  He's got a SUPER-nice red '76 in the garage, though, his son 
repainted it, has a tan plaid interior, really super nice shape. He 
has 8 slot wheels on it, but no volcano's...it's not an X car, did 
the 8 slots come without the centers? He said the car came new like 
that , his Father bought it new from AMC dealership. Hmm again. I've 
never seen the 8-slots without volcano's, then again, usually 
they're only on X models that I've seen personally. The Custom 
Gremlin, maybe could get them that way? The car also had the 5 or 6 
inch Gremlin guy decal on the upper rear quarter area, I've heard of 
them , but never seen one (set) on a car before. I took pics of that 
car, too. Basic car, 2-spoke vinyl steering wheel, plain horn cap. 
He's going to the June National in Gaithersburg, MD show next month 
with it. 
  So, bottom line, is anyone interested in a '72 body that needs 
work? His name is Nasatka, his phone number is (301) 868-0300. It 
MIGHT be a work number or work cell phone, you might get a voice-
mail about Nasatka Barrier, Inc ( he does drive-thru security 
barriers, the White House uses these exact ones ). Anyway, that's 
the number I have for him, anyone interested, call him and negotiate 
for the car. I'm out of it. :) Good luck!

Jerry in Virginia

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