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Re: '72 project Gremlin in Maryland for sale...rough, but salvageable, maybe...not X

Hey Jerry,
 I would like to see those pictures that you took of both Gremlins. 
You can send them to my email: gremlin982003@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and as far 
as the wheels, my moms Hornet Wagon had no volcanos on it, I had to 
find them, some what I heard, Jeeps used that same wheel and they 
didnt have volcanos...I guess its driver preference, I have them on 
my Gremlin X and I think they look better with the volcanos on them. 
But, I would like to see those pictures that you took of the Gremlins.

--- In gremlintime@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Jerry" <gremlingts@...> wrote:
> I went to look at a red '72 Gremlin today, it's a major project. 
> rust in rear wheel well lips, driver's door jamb below hinges, 
> rocker on driver's side felt solid, though. No rust front or back 
> that I could feel ( car on ground, no wheels, only a few inches 
> clearance to feel ). A few interesting things about it was it had 
> the Gremlin guy emblems on the rear quarters, behind the Gremlin 
> script emblems. I asked about it, the guy, who bought it directly 
> from an AMC dealership years ago, said it came that way straight 
> the lot. Hmm. Didn't ask whether used or new. Looked like they had 
> adhesive behind them, couldn't tell if the pegs were on or not. 
> Wasn't heavily optioned, bench seat, basic steering wheel, but with 
> Gremlin in center of cap. He had 4 wheels and tires, but they were 
> Superior universal type mag wheels, garbage, basically. Grille had 
> been replaced with a '76 grille. Fenders looked pretty solid. 
> the hatch glass, had heavy pitting along sides where crap 
> but saw no rust-thru yet. 
>   Overall, a big project, but probably saveable, depending on 
> condition of the sub-frames and floorboards, which I couldn't check 
> then. I decided to pass on it. I've taken some pics of it, if 
> wants to see them. Not sure what he wants , he asked me what I'd 
> offer, I told him I doubt he'd get more than $200-300 offers for 
> Since it's a "family heirloom",  he might think it's worth more 
> it is. Couldn't read  him that well to tell. Anyway, I really don't 
> need another project like that. It has the door panel Gremlin 
> inserts, two fender emblems on the rear quarter. No nice Gremlin 
> cap. It'd be worth a few hundred for the parts. It's a 232 / 
> automatic, he said it ran when parked, not sure how long it's been 
> sitting, license plate showed '85. 
>   He's got a SUPER-nice red '76 in the garage, though, his son 
> repainted it, has a tan plaid interior, really super nice shape. He 
> has 8 slot wheels on it, but no volcano''s not an X car, did 
> the 8 slots come without the centers? He said the car came new like 
> that , his Father bought it new from AMC dealership. Hmm again. 
> never seen the 8-slots without volcano's, then again, usually 
> they're only on X models that I've seen personally. The Custom 
> Gremlin, maybe could get them that way? The car also had the 5 or 6 
> inch Gremlin guy decal on the upper rear quarter area, I've heard 
> them , but never seen one (set) on a car before. I took pics of 
> car, too. Basic car, 2-spoke vinyl steering wheel, plain horn cap. 
> He's going to the June National in Gaithersburg, MD show next month 
> with it. 
>   So, bottom line, is anyone interested in a '72 body that needs 
> work? His name is Nasatka, his phone number is (301) 868-0300. It 
> MIGHT be a work number or work cell phone, you might get a voice-
> mail about Nasatka Barrier, Inc ( he does drive-thru security 
> barriers, the White House uses these exact ones ). Anyway, that's 
> the number I have for him, anyone interested, call him and 
> for the car. I'm out of it. :) Good luck!
> Jerry in Virginia

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