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I for one will miss the list, like one misses a parent or grandparent but my own issues in recent years with someone who has done everything they can to try to destroy me (2 attempts to kill me by poison, then running me off the road, destroying my ‘87 Comanche in the process) and my AMC hobbies (cutting up the AMC Spirit rather than finish the Eagle conversion properly) has left me shaking my head at the evil out there.
   He went so far as to wreck the steering in the ‘82 Wagoneer and dump the converter for the lockup 727 in the mud. Just to make it harder for me to get rid of them in an attempt to steal my home. (He even hit on my wife)

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sic transit gloria mundi. i'd miss it, but probably not much; i've

moved pretty much out of the amc hobby now.

the only valuable thing i have left is the 'mexican' bell housing [amc

t10 to '60s i6]. anyone know of a good home for it?

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