Re: [Amc-list] Carb Spacer...yes or no? (Performance Upgrade ?)
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Re: [Amc-list] Carb Spacer...yes or no? (Performance Upgrade ?)

Izzie, your biggest performance increase will be getting the vacuum advance working again. The Pertronix will help, but it may not give a noticeable increase (3-5 hp) in perfromance. It will help with quicker starts and better economy due to the hotter and more accurate fire (no points to wear or bounce). The carb spacer, if made from an insulating material and not metal, will help a bit with the hot carb issues, but may not give a perfromance increase. It increases the volume of the plenum, which helps in some cases, not in others. Depends on the intake design and how hard you push the engine. I've never seen anything explaining exactly when a spacer will help and when it won't. As someone else said, that's sort of hit and miss. 

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