70 AMC V8
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70 AMC V8

Hey folks,
I came across a surprising and exciting find the other
day in distant salvage yard.  It appears to be a fully
intact 70 Ambassador Coupe.  It was exciting because
it was ALL there!!  How often does that happen?

Of course that leads me to wonder if either no one's
interested in it or it just got there and no one's
found it yet.  And, since it's fully intact, it begs
the question as to why it's there.  Perhaps a problem
with the drivetrain or better yet maybe, just maybe,
since the interior hood latch is broken and thus one
can no open the hood, the owner gave up on it.  Do ya
think?? Who knows, but there's an opportunity there...

It's likely got a V8 in it but I don't know which one.
 It could be a 304, 360 or 390.  I'm thinking yes, but
would that engine and transmission fit in my '72
Gremlin assuming I had the crossmember?  I hadn't
planned on putting one in my Gremlin but heck, if one
falls in your lap, why not?  

Thoughts anyone?

Dallas, TX
72 Gremlin
72 Custom Cruiser Wagon (newly restored)
71 Mark III
70 Cadillac Conv

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