Gremlin Grill Repair
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Gremlin Grill Repair

Somewhere on one of the AMC sites, I saw a pic of
someone's 71-73 Gremlin grill that they had been
repairing of some cracks around the screw holes and
the like.  Mine's in the same condition.  Are these
things easily repairable?  

I've been contemplating doing away with the whole clip
in favor of a Concord clip (gasp!) because they're
somewhat more plentiful and pleasing to the eyes (mine
anyway) but have been vacillating on that and want to
keep my options open.

Anyone undertake such a repair (successfully)?

Dallas, TX
'72 Gremlin
'72 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon (newly restored)
'71 Mark III
'70 Cadillac Convertible

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