Re: [AMC-list] ANOTHER 258 question- plastic vs metal rocker cover
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Re: [AMC-list] ANOTHER 258 question- plastic vs metal rocker cover

The pattern is different Tin to plastic and then aluminum as well as the shape and volume of the combustion chamber. I had the head off an early motor that I stuck on a later one (kind of like SBC closed vs open combustion chambers) that I put together just to run to my place.
   It ran great albeit smoking more and more as the pistons were collapsing. I recall that the 4.0L head drops the compression ratio going the other way, but the aluminum cover is superior to stopping the oil leaks. However on the last plastic one that I did (Eagle), which was Jeep aftermarket, I removed the studs on top and used intake side sealing nuts screwed onto double ended headbolts, along with “The Right Stuff” for several years and I put helicoils in the big valve cover holes on the head which weren’t threaded.

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I have:
 two 80s 258s with plastic rocker covers

a '74 258 with a metal cover

 a '67 232 with a metal cover.

Why can't you put metal covers on heads that had the plastic ones?


My two 80s 258s have different plastic covers, the bolts are different heights.? What's the deal?

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