[Amc-list] spindles, was Re: alternate disc-brake conversion kit
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[Amc-list] spindles, was Re: alternate disc-brake conversion kit

Someone I think Frank wrote:

> " The track is increased by the thickness of the bracket -- just as
> " it is with a stock AMC bracket. The drum brake spindle flange is
> " thicker than a disc brake spindle flange.

On Wed, 16 May 2007, Sandwich Maker wrote:

> i don't think this is universally true.  drum brake spindle flanges
> were made thicker in the early '70s to match the thickness of the disk
> spindles with caliper brackets.  i have such a set on my '68 american,
> and while 6" rims needed a thin spacer - 5/16" - to clear with the
> stock spindles, they now have acres of clearance without spacers.  i
> think i could run 6.5" or 7" rims up front now.

I can offer this one data point: on my 1970 Hornet, which came
with drum brakes and SHORT spindles, I had to switch to TALL
spindles. The rotor scrapes on the dust shield otherwise.

The story in excruciating detail:


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