Re: Where to purchase Kano Labs' KREEN?
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Re: Where to purchase Kano Labs' KREEN?

Gunk engine flush works, so does a quart of diesel or kerosene. That's the main ingredient in most engine flushes. Another good product for engine cleaning is "Seafoam". Forget who makes that, but it works really good. 

On October 31, 2005 Tom Jennings wrote:

> Damn, using a new laptop somehow I SEND messages accidentially with
> my thumb dragging on the !@#$$$!!! trackpad!
> I can't find anywhere to buy a quart of Kreen (engine flush). Kano
> sells gallons directly, but I won't use that much in 5 years. Is it
> sold in quarts?
> I'm assuming mail order, no one ever stocks anything I want to buy
> any more :-)

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