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Re: [AMC-list] the domain....

sic transit gloria mundi.  i'd miss it, but probably not much; i've
moved pretty much out of the amc hobby now.

the only valuable thing i have left is the 'mexican' bell housing [amc
t10 to '60s i6].  anyone know of a good home for it?

" From: tom jennings <itisasif@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
" hey everyone... tom jennings here.
" i've not been on this list for some time, though i'm one of the administrators! oops. frank swygert had some technical issues posting this, and due to the nature of the posting, wasn't deemed worth fixing the problem.... so heres the news:
" The domain name is up for renewal 7 January, and Tom and I have been
" discussing whether we are going to renew it or not. It's not expensive,
" but there is so little activity here it's hardly worth keeping the list up
" except for nostalgia.
" The main reason the old fashioned mailing list is dying out (all of them!)
" is because there are so many other venues now. There are at least a dozen
" Facebook pages that focus on specific models, time frames, or interests.
" There is the AMC Forum (
" ), that is probably the premier
" AMC site. All of those also allow photos to be posted and work well on
" modern computers. They are more what people expect today and are a bit
" easier to use.
" So the list is pretty much obsolete. Tom is looking at saving the archived
" files, but there really isn't much good info that can't be found on other
" web sites any more, and easier. I still have a couple of the old archive
" disks, but haven't searched one of them in many years.
" So what say you? The largest archive (largest number of posts) in a month
" this year was February at 9K (30 messages), and most of that was "How many
" are still on this list" -- only 11 other posts. Average was about 8 posts
" per month. It's only $15 a year, so it's not a bother to keep it open for
" at least one more year, but I won't after that.
" Frank Swygert
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