Re: [AMC-list] For sale: 1979 Spirit AMX (Project HMX)
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Re: [AMC-list] For sale: 1979 Spirit AMX (Project HMX)

Hey Dave. 
   All us old AMC duffers seem to be falling by the wayside these days. I had SOTE (‘82 Spirit of the Eagle) up and running then my “helper” tried to help himself to my home and take my life away with poison because he was jealous. How could I only work 25 years and pay off my own home?
    Anyways, he left in a cloud of hate 3 years ago along with his recently released from prison father (who did time for poisoning someone) but left the remnants of his cars behind in hopes that he could use them to take my home still. I finally got the Sheriff to sign off his cars as abandoned and I’m waiting for just one more paper to have them removed. 
   ‘79 Mustang ex-turbo 4 cyl car, turned 5.0L with WC Tremec 5 speed. SOTE (Spirit Hatchback Shell turned SX4), ‘82 Wagoneer shell, and recently dumped Saturn SL2 with blown rear seal. 
    I have to sell what was to be my retirement home to pay off all the medical bills and other stuff outstanding (about $80K worth). My neighbor is angry because the well never was completed (all done except the power hookup) and wants his part of the well money back. He has even destroyed all the trees in his yard to leave a scorched earth behind because other neighbors have been stealing from him. 

    Anyways, I was wondering if you went to a Grand Cherokee waterpump and mechanical fan too? That’s what I put in my ‘84 J10 with a ‘93 ZJ 4.0L and AW4 (only year in ZJ) I’m trying to get my truck ready for the trip to VA where my wife has been staying for safety from the thugs. The whole neighborhood here is being gentrified so it will at least be clean when I’m done. 
   Oh yeah. They ran me off the road 07/01/18 and destroyed my ‘87 Comanche shortbox in the process so now I have 2 and a half of them to fix up into one or build a couple off-road rigs. 

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