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Re: [AMC-list] larry mitchell died

yeah, what he said.

" From: Ken Ames <ameskg@xxxxxxxxx>
" Dang...
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" From: "Eddie Stakes" <eddie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
" Well, Larry Mitchell died recently, for those of you who care, or DON'T 
" care, or remember, he was the head of the old AMC World Clubs out of 
" Colorado. I found some stuff here from that club while going thru box of 
" literature and tossed it on ebay. Also tossed a final commentary about him 
" on there since we tangled back in late 1980s and my site still has a file 
" about that. Go look & read, regardless of how one felt about the guy, myself 
" included, sure didn't want to see him go thru windshield and down 100 foot 
" cliff in Jeep rollover. I have heard zero about his wife Linda's condition. 
" And so it goes.
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