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Re: [AMC-list] AMC-list Digest, Vol 114, Issue 9


Great to re-connect!

I have to tell you how much I loved that bizarre beater you sold me.

As you may recall, it was dark when I picked it up and set sail back to
Georgia. I barely avoided a multi-car crash on I-10, tooled up to Vegas for
a trade show, then back down toward home.

It did not miss a beat, until the clutch cratered 30 miles from home. My
mechanic showed me a couple of candy-corn shaped bits that he theorized was
formerly the throwout bearing. Anyway, I had the clutch fixed, the spare
doors you included mounted, new carpeting installed, as well as front
bucket seats from a Honda Prelude.

With its blue and yellow and white and random brush-coated paints, one
never had to look long in the Winn-Dixie parking lot.

And, I so enjoyed embarrassing my then teen daughter when picking her up at
her fancy school.

Unfortunately, I had the beast painted . . . and it lost all its charm.

I sold it to a guy outside of Atlanta. He sent two chuckleheads to fetch it
who promptly blew the motor when trying to fly up I-95 at 75 MPH, then
abandoned it.

I tracked it down to where the Highway Patrol had it towed and bought it
again. The last time I saw, some hipsters where taking it away, with the
intent of installing a Chebby SB in it.

In an event, you can count on me if you ever run across that car’s
relative. I loved its 3-on-the-tree, leisurely pace down the road and
rock-solid suspension.

Thanks again.

BTW, I was reaching out to you in case I was able to snag this extremely
rare (and odd) BMW from the “donor” lot in Anaheim:

They have tightened up their pick-up window (to 3 days) since I last bought
a vehicle from them.

I needed someone to fetch it by the end of the week, while I arrange a less
than outrageous plane trip.

All best,


Jay Honeycutt
Director  Business Engineering

p: 800-933-0045 m: 617-401-7212
w: e: jay@xxxxxxxxxx


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On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 5:30 PM Mike Kindle <mike90066@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That was me!
> That was a daring adventure.
> We called it the snake-mobile because the girlfriend was convinced that it
> had to be full of snakes.
> I’m not too near Anaheim and have no way to move a motorcycle this week,
> unless maybe it’s running? But hopefully someone will appear,
> Mike Kindle
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