[AMC-list] last calll for my Hot Wheels & parting out 82 Eagle
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[AMC-list] last calll for my Hot Wheels & parting out 82 Eagle

LAST CALL for my Hot Wheels on ebay, most $1.99, AMC, Acura, Chevrolet models like Corvettes,Camaro, trucks, Ford like trucks, Mustangs, Mazda, Mopar & Ram trucks, Vipers, Zamacs, big mess of Batmobiles, First Responders, firetrucks, police vehicles, Lamborghinis, Hemis, Shelbys, NFL vehicles for Buffalo, Philadelphia, Minnesota, motorcycles like Ducati, BMW, steaths, Super Marios, go carts Indycars, Teslas, helicopters, ALL NEW & CHEAP. But am yanking them off ebay August so go take a look to see if anything some of ya'll want for collection. And there is mess of Eagle parts from 82 am parting out & of course lots of Javelin & AMX stuff this is main link...if it says LAST CALL on the Hot Wheels this is it!


Eddie Stakes
713-464-8825 days
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