Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement
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Re: [Amc-list] 66 American front end replacement

Well, I really hadn't expected so much work and expense as I really wanted 
to see if there was any better choice for the front end of my car, but I see 
I had better just upgrade mine when the time comes. I have no problem with 
mine at the present, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it!   The ride with gas 
shocks and radial tires is smooth and quiet. I did notice the other day that 
when I drove slowly over a speed bump that the front end got a bit "busy" 
and made some noises. that's the only place I have noticed anything out of 
the ordinary with the suspension up front.  I will just leave well enough 
alone until it gets worse or breaks.

Thanks for all the input guys. I am a half-a##ed shadetree mechanic and 
still learning at my age of 70 years young .

Jay in FL. 

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